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Apr 6, 2021
Hello players.
At the beggining we want to welcome everybody interested in our project and thank You for Your support. It’s becouse of You we are able to proceed with our plans.
In this blog we want to show You the core idea behind this project and describe the first steps to achive our goal like creating developers team, social media platforms, marketing and conceptual works. We will discuss main concept of the game and describe how world will be looking in Galactic War Online.
We’ll do our best to inform You what’s coming and what’s already been done.
Main concept
Core idea of the game is based on “open world” experience. Players will be able to move across 3D star system maps (sectors) in their spaceship fighting in battles against players (PvP) or bots managed by AI (PvE). When it comes to movement in sector player will move in three vectors but while traveling between them he will have to use “system jumps”.
In various sectors players can find different supplies (raw...

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