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Dev Blog #1 – “Born of GWO”

Hello players.

At the beggining we want to welcome everybody interested in our project and thank You for Your support. It’s becouse of You we are able to proceed with our plans.

In this blog we want to show You the core idea behind this project and describe the first steps to achive our goal like creating developers team, social media platforms, marketing and conceptual works. We will discuss main concept of the game and describe how world will be looking in Galactic War Online.

We’ll do our best to inform You what’s coming and what’s already been done.

Main concept


Core idea of the game is based on “open world” experience. Players will be able to move across 3D star system maps (sectors) in their spaceship fighting in battles against players (PvP) or bots managed by AI (PvE). When it comes to movement in sector player will move in three vectors but while traveling between them he will have to use “system jumps”.

In various sectors players can find different supplies (raw materials, minerals, scrap and gear etc.) that they will be able to look for besides strategic objects like bases, planetoids, plantes and moons.

We want to add more variety to Your experience with daily missions and storyline sidequests. Also we want to add PvP sidequests that will encourage groups of players to fight each other in order to achive rewards.


We start game as memeber of 2 sides of the conflict. Becouse of unspecified circumstances our species are at the verge of extermination. As one of few survivors in order to rebuild our race we travel to uknown sector of the galaxy. That’s where we get in contact with hostile civilisation that our leaders suspect of cousing our current situation. In order to protect our people and hope for better future we need to fight in various space battles till one of the sides destruction.



To start this ambitious project we need to gather group of people who will be able to handle different tasks like designing, programing, technical support, etc. but also testers, moderators for socialmedia and chat.

Gathering people for right task isn’t anything easy. That’s why at the beginning we want to start work with volunteers becouse of financial aspect but also to check how many people is interested in creating game like that. In future when project will go into advanced stage we want for our commitment and pasion to turn into some profit. We hope that there will be some of You who will be willing to not only work on the game but also create someting from scratch.


From experience we know that there is no way to create good game without support and help from the community and it one of our core principles. Every game without users is only useless aplication. GWO will always put players on the first place becouse it will be You who create and run game world. We want this game to be a alternative world for players to explore and have fun whenever they want.

That’s why we started building community on initial stages of the project as one of first steps to reach our goal. We want to listen about Your suggestions and ideas that will be helpfull with creation of Galactic War Online. For that purpose we created a website and forum for our project that will allow You to do so. After start of the game it will turn into official website and game forum. We aproched this aspect very seriously thats why we created it on profesional engine XenForo with which some of You can already know. In the future we plan on updating graphic layout of the website for better readability.

We also created official GWO profiles on different socialmedias like Facebook or Twitter that will help us spread news about project and reach more people to increase our community.


It is obvious that creating a game is not a cheap thing to do. Therefore, in the initial phase of the project, we strive for Your support to be able to create Galactic War Online.

To do that we’ve created a profile on website, where anyone interested in our game can contribute their proverbial penny to GWO. We are not able to finance such a project individually, but as a community of players we can do almost everything. We appreciate every donation that’s why we will our best to repay the trust placed in us not only by creating a great game that will provide You with entertainment, but also reward the most supportive in an adequate manner.

Once the game is playable we plan to introduce a financing system based on microtransactions. We want for game to be available for free, but it will offer a number of paid utillities and cosmetics that will help You progress and personalize Your account for a fee. Paid features in the game will not affect the gameplay. We don’t want or intend to create pay-win game.


After publication of this blog we are going to start promotion of our project on our socialmedias to reach as many people as we can. From our side we are only asking that if You are interested in our project and want to help us with creating it feel free to repost/retweet to Your friends.

Thank You for Your time and we hope that You liked our first Dev Blog. We hope that we’ll be able to pulbish next parts of the blog succesively with our progress with a project and share to You our work, idas and future plans.
Stay tuned for the next dev blog!

Team Galactic War Online

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